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A Comment on “Heterodox Academy’s Guide to the Most (and Least) Politically Diverse Colleges, First Edit
The Adaptive Pressure That Caused Liberalism
A Deep Understanding of Care
A Grave Error of Intellect and Imagination
A New “Imagine”
A Thought Experiment About Taxes
An Open Letter to the Generals in “The War On Partisanship”
Are Moral Foundations Named Incorrectly, Leading to Misunderstanding?
A Response to “A Social Science Without Sacred Values”
A Response to “Why are there so few non-liberals in social psychology? A closer look”
A Thought Experiment About Taxes
A Thought Experiment for Liberals
Academia is Rotting From Its Core Outward
America’s Founding Was A Conservative Movement
Analyst’s Attempts to Describe Brexit and Trump Epitomize the Fable of The Blind Men and the Elephant.  Here’s the True Elephant.
Ancient Wisdom Improves Science and Increases Knowledge
An Example of Liberal Bias in Academic Social Science
An Open Letter to Heterodox Academy
Bad News/ Fantastic News for Conservatism from Social Science
Balance is All
Bees and the Hive: Liberal and Conservative Perceptions of Human Nature, The
Bottom Line, The
Brexit Was a Modern Day Glorious Revolution; a Declaration of Independence
Campus Protesters Match the Symptom List for Behavioral Disorders
Can of Worms
Can you put your actions where your good intentions are, or is your ideology all about you?
Capitalism v Socialism = Aristotle v Plato, or, A Struggle Between Cognitive Styles
Chris Matthews Is Morally Dumbfounded
Coddled Students’ Thinking Mirrors that of “The Terror”
Cognitive Style is a Moral Foundation.  Different Styles Yield Different Insights.  Eschewing a Style Deprives Us of its Insights, Decreases Viewpoint Diversity, and Exacerbates the Coming Apart.
Compromise is Not Always Good
Conflating the Many Meanings of “Care” Hinders Our Understanding of Morality, Ideology, Politics, and Human Nature
The Consciousness Bias
Conservatism is not Resistance to Change, it is Respect for Experience
Conservative Conundrum, and a Possible Solution, The
Conservative Elephant, The
Conservatives Have More Empathy Than Liberals
The Difference Between Being Nice and Being Good
Do Liberals Really “Care” More?
Education System Messes Up the Brain’s Interpreter Module; Exacerbates Partisanship
Effect and Cause
Eight Challenges to Moral Foundations Theory
Elephant in the Room, The
Evidence And Reason
Evidence Type Must Mach Assertion Type
Examining the Water, nor Not
Falsehoods and Truths
Four Principles of Moral Psychology, The
Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft: Conservatism is the Seedbed of Liberalism
Happy Birthday Sons of Liberty
Haidt’s Evenhandedness Dilutes the Message
Haidt’s Mixed Message: The Strength of “The Righteous Mind” is Also Its Weakness
Henry James Sr. Stole My Idea (100 years before I had it)
How Much of Racism is Actually Racism?</a
How the American Education System Foments Partisan Anger, and How to Fix it
How to Better Articulate Conservatism (And Liberalism Too)
How to Train an Elephant
Human History Explained In Ten Statements
Ideological Purity in K-12 Education Harms Mental Health
Illiberalism is Cancer
Introduction to Moral Foundations Theory (MFT)
Is “Groupthink” Evidence of Another Moral Foundation?
Is Liberal Bias in Academia Denial of Science?
Jonathan Haidt Ignores the Largest Factor Causing the Political Divide, and His Own Findings, to Blame Republicans Instead
Jonathan Haidt’s Metaphors Sacrifice Completeness and Accuracy in Favor of Parsimony and Ideology.  Part I: Yin/Yang
Jonathan Haidt’s Metaphors Sacrifice Completeness and Accuracy in Favor of Parsimony and Ideology, Part II: Taste Buds
“Kindly Inquisitors” Offers Common Ground for Liberals and Conservatives, and a Lesson in Tolerance
Lesson Plan, Version 1, First Rough Draft
Liberal and Conservative – Different Cognitive Processes
Liberal and Conservative – Individual and Community
Liberal and Conservative – Literal and Conceptual
Liberal and Conservative Moral Visions
Liberal and Conservative – Reason and Experience
Liberal Dominance in Academia Hurts America
Liberal Dominance in Mass Media Harms America
Liberal Elephant, The
Liberal Hegemony in Academia “No Platforms” Truths of Human Nature and Thereby Exacerbates Partisan Discord
Liberal Hegemony in Education Stifles Science and Inhibits Progress
Liberalism Is An Asteroid
Liberalism is Anti-Science Magical Thinking
Liberalism is Innately Anti-Science
Liberty, Equality, Justice, and Fairness Have Different Meanings in Different Matrices
Moral Foundations, The
Milo Yiannopoulos Transcript, UC Irvine, 6/2/2016: #WhatGoesAroundComesAround
Mizzou Madness, and a Challenge to Moral Foundations Theory
Mike Romano Story, The
Moral Atrophy
Moral Foundations Check and Balance Each Other
Moral Foundations Help to Define the Elephant
Moral Foundations Theory Helps to Explain Cognitive Complexity
Morality is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts
Morality is Selfishness:  It always is, and can only ever be, “all about me.”
Moral Relativism is an Asteroid
The Moral Roots of Capitalism and Socialism
My Morals
National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula Promote the Liberal Agenda, Decrease Diversity, and Exacerbate Partisan Rancor:  How to Fix This Problem
Natural Law
New and Improved Moral Foundations?
On Being
Openness To New Ideas Is Not A Moral Foundation
Other Brief Thoughts: Haidt’s Yin/Yang, Moral Thinking, and Advice to Democrats
Overview: Moral Foundations Theory Explains Much More Than Just the Political Divide
Post Script
Protecting the Weak
Progressive Kristallnacht
Real Life Twilight Zone
Reason is for Winning, Not Truth Finding
Reason is for Winning, not Truth Finding (and Moral Foundations are the Rider’s Tools of Reason)
Redskins Trademark Ruling
Religion, Morality, and Ideology: Different Names for the Same Underlying Element of Human Nature
Religion, Morality, and Ideology: Like Things That Should Be Judged Alike
Republican “Extremism”
Response to “Conservatives Good, Republican Party Bad”
Rider and the Elephant, The
Some of Haidt’s Metaphors Contradict His Findings
Summary and Conclusion
The Coddling Of The American Mind
The Complex Nature of Human Society and Interaction
The Hidden “Hidden Wound”
The Hole In Moral Foundations Theory and a Speculation On How To Fix It
The Missing Fourth Principle of Moral Psychology
The New Republic Misses The Point Of “The Coddling Of The American Mind”
The Proximate Cause of the Political Divide
The Real Enemy in the “War On Partisanship”
The Reason Delusion
Rescuing “Diversity” from Affirmative Action and Campus Activists
“The Righteous Mind” in One Image
“The Righteous Mind” Critiqued In Three Pictures
“The Righteous Mind” is a Fun Read and a Valuable Tool for Conservatives
“The Righteous Mind” Is Not Enough
The Root Cause of the Political Divide
Rousseau Knew Intuition Rules Reason; Sought to Bend Intuition to the Idealized “General Will” via Education, Like Today’s campus Protesters
Thesis Part One – Introduction: Why Moral Foundations and Cognitive Style Matter
Thesis Part Two – How Moral Foundations Affect Partisan Divisiveness (Updated 3/28/15)
Thesis Part Three – Cognitive Style is a Moral Foundation
Thesis Part Four – Recommendations (Update 3/28/15)
Scientific Regress
Social Justice Warriors Physically Assault Trump Supporters.  It Was Only a Matter of Time.  Here’s Why.
The “Strongest Prejudice” is Great for America
Take Out the Garbage
To Be Moral, MOVE the Bell Curve, Don’t FLATTEN it
The Trojan Horse of “Separation of Church and State
The Trump Phenomenon Pulls Back The Curtain On The American Mood
The Two Greatest Inventions In The History Of Mankind
The Yale Problem Begins in Kindergarten
This is Absolutely Stunning
This Explains – And Changes – Everything
To Understand Milo Study Trump
Toward A More Accurate Political Spectrum
Understanding Trump’s Appeal
Viewpoint Diversity is Only Half the Battle
What Everyone’s Missing About Trump
What Moral Foundations Really Are and How They Help Us To Diagnose And Treat The Political Divide
What The New Republic Misses
What Went Wrong? Michael Shermer Misses the Obvious
“When Compassion Leads to Sacrilege” – Transcript of a talk by Jonathan Haidt
Where Microaggressions Really Come From
Why “Compromise” Rankles
Why Does Liberalism Exist?
Why E.J. Dionne Doesn’t Get Conservatism
Why Framing Liberal Positions  With Binding Foundations Often Fails
Why Leftism is Inherently Divisive and the Founders Were Right
Words Have Meanings
Yeah, About That (purple) Cake
Yes, I Am “Judgmental”: An Overview of the Position of The Independent Whig


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A politically diverse group of social scientists, natural scientists, humanists, and other scholars who want to improve our academic disciplines and universities. We share a concern about a growing problem: the loss or lack of “viewpoint diversity.” When nearly everyone in a field shares the same political orientation, certain ideas become orthodoxy, dissent is discouraged, and errors can go unchallenged.

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