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What if left and right were different races?

What if research revealed that the political left and right are different races? Would we act differently toward one another? Should we? If so how?

Here’s the thing. They might be. Or at least, insofar as the law and social standards are concerned, they essentially are. Bear with me while I explain.

Race is about more than just skin color. It’s about a collection of immutable traits, some visible, some not.

According to the latest research, the political left and right are distinguishable by immutable, inherited, genetic, traits.

If this is true, and the evidence suggests it is, then the anti-conservative hiring decisions admitted to by academics becomes less about the marketplace of ideas and more about plain old straight up bigotry.

The same is true for the shut downs, shout downs, physical and online mobbing, persecution, vandalism, rioting, and physical attacks on individuals committed within academia against non-leftist in recent years. Not a battle of ideas. Bigotry.

And the same is also true within media and entertainment, and the disparate impact of the way those left-dominated industries and institutions treat conservatives.

If it’s true that the left and right are not similar people who happen to vote differently but are in fact different kinds of people then…

…the so-called free speech crisis and the crisis of left wing bias in the academic/media/entertainment industrial complex are in actuality mere proxies for, or symptoms of, a much deeper, far more pernicious crisis of bigotry in the first degree.

And if THAT is true, then what changes could/would/should anyone who fancies themselves to be against bigotry and in favor of tolerance, inclusiveness, fairness, equality, empathy, sympathy, compassion – anyone whose moral code centers on care – be demanding?


4 thoughts on “What if left and right were different races?

  1. Dear Independent Whig, I’ve tried to get in contact with you through your contact bar however I am unable to (it simply sends me to my personal google account). Is there any chance you could provide me with your email address so I can ask you a few questions?

    Kind regards


    Posted by jak | June 12, 2020, 12:49 pm
  2. Like

    Posted by Jake | May 23, 2020, 7:28 pm
  3. Your mentioned values are exactly ow we got in this mess. The Right conservatives putting up with sniveling, baby killing, dick removing couch sitters.

    This is a jungle. And it has panthers. You moralize with THEM. I am sharpening my knife to keep them away. Thank you.


    Posted by Elizabeth Wilhelm | April 16, 2020, 6:35 pm

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