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Titanic Google, Meet Iceberg Truth (aka Damore’s Memo)

Image credit: https://icaron.deviantart.com/art/RMS-Titanic-324666044

Damore Truth vs Google SJWs

Trying to understand the fuss surrounding the Google memo by focusing on the veracity of its content (spoiler: It’s excellent) strikes me as the intellectual equivalent of trying to understand why the Titanic sank by focusing on the iceberg. 

The problem is not with the iceberg, or the memo. 

The problem is with the ship – the leftist righteous mind – that split at the seams when it hit.

To the leftist righteous mind, social justice trumps truth. But as Haidt demonstrated in his lecture Two Incompatible Sacred Values in American Universities, the two are mutually exclusive.

Instead of examining the memo (aka iceberg of Truth), how about we examine why the leftist righteous mind is so unmoored from reality that it goes so batsh** crazy when confronted by it?

If establishing the veracity of the memo is the fist step in this process then fine.

But if the process stops there then we’ve completely overlooked the actual problem.





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