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The Google Memo

There’s a terrific analysis of the scientific veracity of the Google Memo over at the Heterodox Academy blog.

Here’s the thing, that blog post and the discussion in the comments that follow it strike me as not unlike a painstaking examination of the clothing of a woman who’s been sexually harassed.

If any part of the memo/clothing were found to be “flawed” the conversation would have concluded with a big fat Q.E.D. “proof” that Damore/the woman had it coming.

And we’d all move on with our lives without the REAL problem ever being thought of, much less analyzed and discussed.

In this regard this entire event strikes me as exhibit A in the pantheon of problems stemming from liberal hegemony in academia (and media and entertainment) like those described in HxA’s own paper Political diversity will improve social psychological science.

To wit: Liberal values, presumptions, and cognitive style hiding in plain sight, embedded in the very nature and structure of the thinking and analyses.

The real problem is NOT the memo!!

The real problem is the moral myopia and the emotional fragility of the psychological profile behind the left wing freakout about the memo. The real problem is The Coddling of the American Mind.

Would that the real problem got as much analysis and discussion as does the memo that triggered it.


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