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Moral Hypocrisy

Bill Clinton is an actual sexual predator and accused rapist.  Hillary is a classic enabler of his psychological disorder, a protector of his aberrant behavior, and an attack dog against his accusers. She has blood on her hands from Benghazi, and what she did with her servers would end the career of any regular person or Republican politician, if not land them in jail. The Clintons became rich by trading political favors for cash. The two of them belong on the Mount Rushmore of corruption, con artists, and liars.

Anyone who supported, supports, voted for, or votes for, either one of them has zero credibility in their moral outrage against Donald Trump.  In comparison to either of them he’s a boy scout.


2 thoughts on “Moral Hypocrisy

  1. But there was no pussy grabbing videotape to make Clinton’s behavior as viscerally off-putting.
    Now if more reporters had forthrightly spoke about Bill putting his cigar into the pussy of a young intern, you might have been able to get similar outrage.
    Besides, tribal solidarity.


    Posted by Myrt | January 20, 2017, 6:16 pm

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