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Milo Yiannopoulos Transcript, UC Irvine, 6/2/2016: #WhatGoesAroundComesAround

Milo Yiannopoulos is today’s Lenny Bruce, sticking it to the establishment.  Only this time around the establishment is the Social Justice left. You know, the ones who for decades have said of anti-establishment satire, “It’s art, prude!  Deal with it!” but who, now that it’s aimed at them, are  absolutely out of their minds batshit apoplectic about it; unable to control their over the top rage.

I typed up the following transcript while watching the YouTube video of a talk he gave: Milo Yiannopolous at University of California Irvine – 6-2-2015.


Introduction by Peter Van Voorhis:

My name is Peter Van Voorhis and I am the vice president of UCI college republicans here.  We are all gathered here today because we believe free speech matters.  We believe that intellectual freedom matters and we’re tired of school administrators continuing to trample on the rights of conservative students to speak their minds.  The UC Irvine administration is notorious for stifling conservatives speech through every way imaginable.  The university does nothing to prevent violent anti Semitic speech all while using your tax dollars to shame students into not attending this event .   But by the thousands of people outside we know that didn’t work.  They continue to deny equal funding to conservative clubs while continuing to tie up conservative students in the endless pure rock rece of the university.  This is a disgrace in a publicly funded university.  As conservatives we will not stand by and watch the left trample on our rights of free speech.  We will fight to ensure that the university becomes a place of intellectual diversity once again.  And that’s why we’re bringing in our speaker tonight.  Without further adieu the man who needs no introduction.

Staged entrance with costumes and music.


Well I’m definitely not getting press secretary after that.  Oh I have…do you like my penis gun? They did, they did so, they did so well.  They did so well.  Tearing down hurtful stereotypes one penis gun at a time.  Oh god.  You know of the most ridiculous thing about this outfit is that it has taken Obama, the tranny law, and Free speech to get me into polyester.  You have no idea.  It’s so hot up here.  Right.  On to the serious bit. And then we’re going to have a nice time.

I am constable Yiannopoulos  from the dangerous faggot precinct, and before I begin I’d like to read you the new campus Miranda rights.  You know what Miranda rights are, you know, what they say when you get arrested?  I’ve never heard them obviously.

You have the right to listen and believe. Anything you can say or do say or even think will be used against you in a campus kangaroo court. You have the right to a useless gender or race studies degree for which we will make you pay for the rest of your life and possibly sting the taxpayer too.  And if you can’t afford one, well, somebody else will pick up the check.

You have the right to accept the blame for everything, especially if you’re white and male.  (bumps microphone) Not the first time I’ve had something like this poking in my face this morning.  Need to adjust that.  I’ll speak directly into it, yes.  Reminds me of home.  Actually this reminds me of home.  That could get tiring after a while.  I promise you I’m going to get through some good stuff.

I’m not truly the PC police.  I am as I said constable Milo of the dangerous faggot police.  It is my pleasure to be here.  Oh gosh, uh, it’s so hot, it’s so hot in this polyester.  (“You’re hot! From audience).   Thank you.  Oh fine I’ll put them on (sunglasses).

It is my pleasure to be here this evening to explain to you why social justice … is cancer.  Somebody got a mirror? Ok.

Social justice is a very intrusive disease, and  I’m going to explain as briefly as I can before we get into Q & A and talking to you guys, in the context of law and order and immigration, why social justice is hurting precisely the people that it claims to help.  It worms  its way in  and before you know what it starts choking  the life out of its host.  That’s what cancer does. Now, like most American universities, um, social justice has been rotting your school from the inside.  Just last year the student government passed a resolution to ban the display of national flags including the American flag in student government offices.  Straight out of…mmh hmm, straight out of, we should sing shouldn’t we? We should sing.  They don’t like patriotism here.  We should sing.

(Sings national anthem with audience. )  [good singer] (Standing ovation.  USA chant from audience)

After that musical interlude we’ll get to the facts.  I started a bit high there.  Sorry.

Straight out of central casting a fellow named matthew gavarra probably related to che explained that flags can serve as weapons for nationalism.  And the American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.  The Che wannabe who of course is student counsel representative from the school of social ecology used some very specific social justice buzzwords like “a culturally inclusive space,” and “allow everyone to participate equally and confidently.“

This is social justice cancer in action right here on your campus.  Now the facts show that UC Irvine is not too far gone. It’s time to save you.  That’s why I’m here.  It’s not too late because the resolution was vetoed.  It’s fascinating to see how sensible people are repulsed by the interactions with social justice warriors.  For example the alumni and potential students at Missouri who have spoken with their wallets.  Anyone know what’s happened at Missouri?   Admission is down 33% I think, they had to close two dorms.  Now if you listen to any more of my talks you’ll know what – I’m sorry I’m so hot in this – if you’ve listened to any of my other talks you might know that they’ve had to close two dorms because they’ve gotten so few new applications. Do you know what those dorms are called? They are the two things you lose when you indulge in social justice.  They’re called strength and excellence. Also on alumni donations are down at the latest count about $40,000,000.   Good!

Considering the hundreds of thousands of newly minted my loyal fans who witness the crazy reception I’ve had at many schools like DePaul.  Did you see the letter today from the president of DePaul?  He practically alluded to me as a member of the KKK.  And although I do look fantastic  in white  that is about where the similarity ends.  Although I prefer to have disgusting things done to me that black people.

For a closer to home example consider the Asian population in California.  UC Irvine is 56%, 58% Asian sorry, a group that has traditionally voted democrat  and supported policies like affirmative action.  Now social justice is turned against Asians with many schools discounting Asian test scores for being too high; punishing them because they work too hard. And California are threatening to change their own enrollment rules for a more diverse enrollment.  Asians have quickly and strongly moved against these measures., which is why I see so many of them at my talks, I think.   Um, I need a penis because my throat is a little dry.  Does somebody have a penis? Can I have that?  (pink water bottle in the shape of a penis).  Oh thank you.  Thank you very much.  Very disappointing.  Excuse me.  Mmm.  Tastes fine.

Before we dive into a set of facts and statistics that may boggle your mind it is my duty to read you your Milo-approved Miranda rights.

You have the right to controversial opinions and speech.    You have the right to confront and to disagree with, to rebut, and to question opinions that don’t match your own.  You have the right to do all of that without being told that you are violating a safe space.  You have the right to reject the brainwashing forced upon you by professors that make Obama look like the aforesaid CHE Guevara.   And most importantly you have the right to worship your dangerous faggot.

Now, I’m not a real policeman, um, but, no I, I know, I have had some policemen in me.     Uh.   Sorry I’ll stop.  It’s cheap.  It’s cheap.  It’s cheap.  You should stop laughing, it just encourages me.   That’s not even in here (pointing to iPad with speech text).   I’m just mmm….

But I do recognize that Blue Lives Matter.  Blue lives matter.

Black lives matter doesn’t really care about black lives.  It’s, as we’ll  discuss shortly, more of a movement for attention, money, and like most activism, more money.  To achieve these goals they focus only on cases of black men killed by the police. Well, the work of criminologist Dr. Richard Johnson of the University of Toledo explains just how futile this is.  And  some of this stuff is tough to listen to. Some of this stuff is not pleasant.  It’s not the kind of thing that you want to discuss over cocktails. But it’s important to understand the problem if you’re going to fix it, which Black Lives Matter definitely can’t.

Based on 2012 numbers it would take 40 years of blacks killed by police to equal the total number of blacks murdered by other blacks in a single year.   Less than 400  people a year are killed by cops, 61% of them are white men.  32% are black males.  Black men are not killed out of proportion when you consider they’re much more likely to interact with police.  People are killed by police about as often as they’re struck by lightning but I don’t see many protests about storms.  Black males are 58% of those killed legally by private citizens in self defense, and you think aha! We’ve got you on something, except 75% of them were killed by other blacks.

FBI statistics on murder lay bare the real threat to black lives in America,  and that is other blacks.  Black men are about 6.5% of the U.S population but they commit 52% of all murders.  That has dipped to about 40% in recent years.  Black men overwhelmingly murder other black people, and white people overwhelmingly murder other white people.  So just like abuse and harassment on the internet this isn’t really a racial issue like that isn’t really a gendered issue.

Looking at overall violent crime blacks are 27% more likely to attack whites than vice versa, and 8 times more likely to attack Hispanics.

This is the shocking number I hope you take away from my visit.  90% of blacks that die of murder die at the hands of other black people, and that’s from the FBI homicide report.  90%.   We’re not here to talk about why this happens, why 74% of black children are raised without fathers, per health and human services, and why the government seems intent on continuing a cycle of destruction in the black community.   My message is simple, black lives don’t matter to black lives matter.  If they did, they’d be confronting these issues instead of ignoring them completely.

Black Lives Matter tries to turn young men like Michael Brown and Jamar Clark into martyrs but these guys aren’t angels.  It reminds me of the UVA rape case, feminism’s flagship battle in the fight against the supposed rape epidemic on campus.  Except of course it wasn’t true.  Neither was the Duke Lacrosse case.  Neither was Emma solkowitz at the university of Columbia; mattress girl.  All of these marquee and flagship cases seem to turn out to be hoaxes. The best examples they can come up with, in fact, are hoaxes.  And Black Lives Matter’s leadership is a disgrace.  This Shaun king, who isn’t even black.  And, you know, let’s see what comes out in the press about all that charity money but I think we know what’s happened to that.    Deray is better known for his vest than any actual achievements, and lesser stars like Charles wade who was arrested for prostitution and allegedly is also a charity scammer.

Now Chicago is the perfect case study for Black Lives Matter.  Chicago, of course, being the home of DePaul which I was at recently and stopped, it was the only event I’ve ever had to stop.  It’s the only thing I’ve ever had to call short.  It’s Obama’s home town because of course it is.  Run by Mayor Rahm Emanuel who was Obama’s chief of staff and worked in the Clinton white house as well.  Chicago is a very gun unfriendly city.  Combined with complete domination of the local government by democrats it should be a paradise for black residents, given that guns banned everywhere, right?  I thought that’s how it worked, like if there’s a gun crime you say “All right guys no more guns, ” and all the killers and crazies go all right, all right (walks away sheepishly) .  Gun free… (applause)

This of course lays bare the insanity of the liberal mind.  You know, there’s a shooting at a school, or there’s a shooting at a shopping center, or at a military base, and their answer is less guns not more, so that people can’t protect  themselves against crazy people who of course if you just simply put up a sign “No guns here please” would obviously listen.

After my speech at DePaul where I was shouted down by Black Lives Matter  there were quotes in the press that said I threatened their physical safety and could cause a massacre.  They, they  said, they said my words could cause a massacre.  Well the massacre did come to Chicago but it had nothing to do with me.  Over memorial day weekend there were 69 shootings in Chicago, the majority of them were black on black crime.  This ended the deadliest month of May in 21 years.  This wasn’t a massacre prompted by a gay man’s opinions, it was black men pointing guns at other black men; a subject on which Black Lives Matter has nothing to say.  Murder was up 40% during the month and Mayor Emanuel told the press club “We’ve had some success.”   I don’t know how he defines failure, probably like other liberals.  Shootings are up 50% year over year, the third year of increases in Chicago, and these are not legally guns being used.  Cracking down on people’s legal rights to own firearms, cracking down on the 2nd Amendment,   which Obama clearly hates, is not going to save lives.   And if you doubt that and  some idiot in the back says “Where’s your statistics from?” this is the liberal Chicago Tribute, so you can look it up yourself.

If you think murder in Chicago is white people in the fancy parts of town I’m afraid you’re mistaken.  Murder in Chicago is a black problem and Black Lives Matter wants nothing to do with it.  There have been almost as many murders in Chicago since 2001 as there have been soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.  There’s only a gap of about about 900 between the 8300 combat deaths and the 7400 Iraq [Chicago] murders.  Ah pur, that’s from Homicide Watch Chicago which is a media watchdog on crime in the city.  That’s why black babies in Chicago have to sleep in the bath tub; because Rahm Emanuel, the democrats, and Black Lives Matter will not take action.

I suppose I’ll close out my bit on Chicago by saying if you don’t want to end up living in a corrupt hellscape maybe elect a few conservatives.    That’s an idea.  And see what happens, because so far it hasn’t been working.  And this is the consistent problem with black communities in in  this country, um, who have, as I, as I say, as I said in previous  talks, some valid grievances.  There are some questions to answer.  There are some, there is some redress needed.  But Black Lives Matter isn’t the answer.  And continuously re-electing democrats like Hillary Clinton definitely isn’t either.

I’m going to talk a little bit about illegal immigration and other law and order subjects.   I spoke ab about this  on my show to, um, sheriff Joe.  Do you know sheriff Joe?  He’s wonderful. I love sheriff joe.  He’s one of America’s great characters.  Ah, and they’re always trying to get him.  Why?  Because his shit works.  You know?  Because he’s effective and they hate it.  So, um, what’s the, the latest thing today is is they’re trying to, some activist judge is trying to get him on racial discrimination because he suggested that if, ah, police reports say that Hispanics commit 80% of crime it might be a good idea to stop Hispanics. You know? On the basis that if you get a police report saying if Mercedes were speeding away at the scene of a crime you don’t go and start stopping BMWs and Fords.  That in the liberal mind is racist.  Um, I think even those of us who’ve seen episodes of CSI know it’s actually just called policing.

One of the may, one of the major law and order problems we have in America is the group the social justice cancer types love to support ; illegal aliens.  They’re their favorite people.  There are at least 11.3 million illegals in America, um, Pew research says that probably much higher.  Um, only daddy really knows the answer, I mean, who knows, daddy who knows all things, knows the answer.  Um, we have no idea the true number.  Why? They don’t like to be counted. They don’t reply to censuses.  You know they, these , these irritating illegal immigrants just won’t fill out the form.  Ahhh.   Ab, about 30% of immigrants come here illegally. Um, that’s the center for immigration studies, half illegals are Mexicans, which is declining, but the slack is being picked up by central and south Americans.  As Mexico gets richer people  from, ah, further down south, um, kinda try to make through Mexico.

Six states account for 60% of illegal immigrants; California, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois.  That’s also from Pew.  When I walked in you didn’t think you were going to learn any things today did you?  Um, illegals make up 5% of the American work force.  Interesting, 5%.  One in twenty people working is illegal.  Um, who do you think ah suffers from that the most?  Working class people.  Blacks.  Hispanics. People who came here legally.  People who don’t have a lot of money; who are here legally and who want to work and get by.     And of course the white working classes which only really Donald Trump has bothered to speak to in the last 45 years of conservative politics so you can thank him for that.

In a country where labor force participation has gone down the entire time Obama has been in office, bringing in unskilled labor possibly isn’t the answer .  The dirty little secret about illegal alien workers is that they, the jobs they take hurt black Americans and legal Hispanics much worse than anyone else.  Illegals aren’t taking computer engineering jobs away from whites.  They’re not gonna threaten you guys.  But they do hurt black people.  Again, Black Lives Matter somehow omits to mention this stuff.

Um, this, these issues were brought up to the congressional black congress by a black attorney and member of the civil rights commission ah peter Kirsanow, um, nobody listened.  Ah, I’m gonna, we’ll get to more immigration stuff I think later.  Because I want to wrap up, I’ve been going on, but what I want to take away, what I want you to take away from all of this is there’s a simple answer to all of this and it’s proactive policing.  Instead of the Chicago approach and Europe’s approach with Muslim’s having no go zones, where we have to move towards the aggressive policing.  We have to move towards aggressive policing that we’ve seen in New York.  Um, does anyone know what stop and frisk is?  No, well, ah there is a DVD called stop and frisk.  Ah, I thought somebody might have seen it.  (audience member asks “Were you in it?) (laughs) I was younger and I needed the money.  Um, stop and frisk, ah was a natural extension of the Rudy Giuliani era of policing. Rudy Giuliani who is, ah, is is um, is something  of a a sort of, he’s like a Voldemort figure for  the left.  Why? Because, again, his shit worked; saved thousands of black lives  by policing properly.  Um, it was a, it it, tur, ah, Giuliani turned New York from a nightmare place to live into a pretty great city, into the great city it is now actually, and a safe place where the vast majority of, ah, sex in central park is consensual.  (laughter) So.  I speak from experience.   Only four out of five times … Um, looking back it was alright.  Um stop and frisk is a, ah, brief stop and questioning of a suspicious person who might have been involved in a crime or might be about to commit a crime.  New York cops in the city’s worst neighborhoods actively stopped upwards of half a million, ah, a year, at the height of the program.  Around 88% of which went on their way with no issue.  It’s those 12% who had weapons, drugs, and other criminal intent that were caught through stop and frisk.  Now, just think about that for a second.  Over one in ten people stopped had done something wrong.  Ten, over ten percent, twelve percent.  That’s pretty good isn’t it?  That’s like  a pretty good program, you’d think that’s quite good use of police time.  Yeah,  It’s racist.

Um, social justice types hate it because the vast majority of stops are black and Latino men but New York is heavily black and Latino.  And, news flash, black and Latinos are the ones committing crimes in black and Latino neighborhoods.   Liberal Mayor Bill De Blasio, um, drastically slashed stop and frisks from  more than five hundred thousand or more a year to just over twenty thousand.  In cities where police are afraid to interact with people because of their skin color they cannot effectively do their job.  They can’t save lives.  And the, this is the result of social justice, it’s a result of progressivism. And when I, you know, some, some people don’t find the gender stuff I do to be particularly important or significant.  They’re wrong.  But I understand why they think, you know, it’s a bit of a waste spending time on feminism.  I’ve come here today to talk to you about a different dimension of social justice.  A different dimension of far left progressivism that is more starkly and more obviously poisonous, more starkly and more obviously, yes, cancerous.  Because this is not a natural extension of the kind of philosophy that pits men against women.  Social justice pits blacks against whites, Hispanics agains blacks, whites against Hispanics. And it does it, um, in some of the way I’ve described.  Um, interestingly Rudy Giuliani has spoken very favorably about Donald Trump, ah, as has Sherriff Joe.  So if you’re in any doubt about the presidential candidate most likely, um, to restore law and order to America I think you have your clue there.  Most people who understand how policing needs to be done in this country seem to be Trump guys.

If you want a good example of practical policing just look at how Israeli arline  El Al handles security.  You will never see ah, you will never see a nun getting an intensive search on El Al.  Um, ah, and I’ve never had an intensive search on El Al, more’s the pity.  Anyone who’s been, anyone who’s been to Tel Aviv knows that basically the whole population of Israel is stunning.  Um, they’re all just out of like a year and a half in the army. They’re beautiful.  You know they they um the um the army in Israel is wonderful .  But they, but they do do what we now uncomfortably in this country call racial profiling.  Why? Because it works.  And because it saves lives.  (applause)

Chicago is my big city example in this talk, um, do you know if you look at twenty largest cities in America the state Chicago is in might explain why it is only Chicago that is losing population.   A lot of the people leaving are blacks; wealthy and middle class blacks because they’re not safe in their own neighborhoods.  There’s actually a reverse migration south to the suburbs of Atlanta.  Because social justice, social justice warriors don’t particularly care about black children staying alive but black people do.  So those cities that are run by progressives and liberals  are experiencing a black exodus.  What more do you need to know?  Black people don’t want to live in cities where, where these people are elected.

And as for  Black Lives Matter , well, black lives to matter so why don’t you pay attention to where are really dying?  The streets of Chicago’s south and west side along with so many other neighborhoods in this country, officer friendly is far less likely to shoot you than the guy selling eight balls outside your apartment.  It seems a bit crazy that it takes one gay British conservative, even one as stunning and handsome popular brilliant talented, sorry, my, my speechwriter went a bit crazy.  Um, (laughs) he was looking for a bonus.  Ah, to point out that Black Lives Matter is not even addressing the right problems.  I like to imagine them organizing a conference in Antarctica, they’d all show up in beachwear.  Except Deray of course he’s got that fucking vest on.  Um, what Black Lives Matter is doing to black people is manipulating them into doing bad things.  Overreacting.  It’s manipulating them into hysteria, it’s manipulating them into bad behavior  we saw at DePaul, for instance, um, at my speech recently.  And it is blinding us to the realities.  It is also demonizing one of the best institutions in America.  You’re a very young country and you don’t have many institutions to speak of.  Certainly nothing like, ah, I had.  I was in San Francisco once, and I was in one of those speakeasys.  You know, the place you have to go down, um, like into a basement, and, to drink very bad very overpriced cocktails.  Ah, and the owner of the bar very proudly told me the wood, the wood paneling was from 1920.  I said my college was built in 1412.  Um, so you don’t, you don’t have much in the way of history or institutions in this country yet.  Ah, but  you do have a healthy admiration and respect for the office of the president of the United States, and you do have a great institution in the police force.  And it’s about time that we started treating it with a bit more respect and a bit more thanks.

(drinks from penis shaped water bottle) My penis is leaking.  No homo, yeah.  No homo.  Um, it’s about time we tried treating them with a bit more respect and dignity.  It’s about time we did the same with the military and with the veterans.  And those of you who know, those of you who follow these things will know what a disgusting mess the ah department of veterans has become under Obama.  He just doesn’t care. Ah, you might not love Donald Trump.  You may not be a Trump supporter in this audience, and um most of you probably know that I am.  Um, but faced with the option of Hillary Clinton I would advise you, I would beg you, to turn your back on the odious, self-involved, GOP establishment being NeverTrump losers, um, and put somebody in office who is going to represent the greatest threat to political correctness this country has ever seen.  Is going to represent the greatest threat to social justice this country has ever seen.  Who is going to stick up for the military, stick up for the police and stick up for America.  Thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopoulos Transcript, UC Irvine, 6/2/2016: #WhatGoesAroundComesAround

  1. Thanks for transcribing. Do people find this persuasive? It’s 80% style, 20% straw man with a sprinkling of ad hominem and false analogies and choices for variety’s sake. The style is impeccable. The content is dross.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by CA | February 4, 2017, 10:24 am
    • It’s not just persuasive but compelling, but probably not in the way you’re asking.

      It’s compelling because the unhinged craziness of the left’s reactions to him – like the Berkeley riots – proves his exact point in spades. The “tolerant” and “inclusive” left is anything but. The utter irony of calling themselves anti-fascists is completely lost on them. They’re parodies of themselves and they don’t even know it.


      Posted by The Independent Whig | February 10, 2017, 10:13 am


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