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Watch Out: What Everyone’s Missing About Trump (and Bernie)

Primary voters are speaking loud and clear by the millions, yet “establishment” pundits are deaf to them.  The question isn’t “what’s the matter with voters?” it’s “What’s the matter with pundits?”  Even the much ballyhooed Nate Silver completely whiffed on Trump.

The biggest error made by staunch “establishment” conservatives is forgetting there’s no liberal moral foundation that is not also a conservative foundation.

The most obvious sentiment among all citizens regardless of political persuasion is that we’re sick and tired of the same old partisan tribalism; we’re “Mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more.”

Through moves like this –  Donald Trump’s New Finance Guru: Ex-Clinton Donor, Soros Employee – Trump is demonstrating that he “gets it,” and is more of a “bridge builder” than probably any other candidate or pundit.  His will be a true “team of rivals.”

Let’s not kid ourselves.  The Republican base will vote Trump.  The Democrat base will vote Hillary.  And we’d be blind if we failed to recognize that independents seem to be flocking to Trump AND Bernie.

But here’s the thing: Bernie won’t be the Democrat nominee, but Trump WILL be the ONLY anti-establishment, anti-politics-as-usual, “team of rivals” nominee; exactly what the electorate seems to clamor for.   

Trump’s bluster and grating style, and establishment fixations on secondary matters like whether or not he’s conservative, are draining the political shore like a tsunami before it hits; just about everybody is playing in the unusually low tide, oblivious to its true cause or what it portends.   

Watch out.



3 thoughts on “Watch Out: What Everyone’s Missing About Trump (and Bernie)

  1. So, you think that republicans will vote for Trump, and not jump ship and head to Hilary? I don’t know, I think many republicans are going to dig their heads out of the sand in time to see Trump standing in front of them as the only republican option, and will be horrified. I agree that Trump speaks for many of the voters who are entirely fed up with the establishment (much of my “fed-up-ness” is with Congress however) but I am terrified that he is too crass, too abrasive and too dismissive to be an effective president.


    Posted by Sue | May 5, 2016, 5:12 pm
    • Yes. That’s what I think.


      Posted by The Independent Whig | May 5, 2016, 7:54 pm
    • Crass, evasive, and dismissive are elements of style, not substance. If style matters that much then you must love Obama (I’m pretty sure you don’t).

      Chicken Little syndrome is common. Always has been. There are 2000 year old Lamentations about “kids these days.” Same sort of thing happens in politics.

      Give it time.

      Further, no person who understands deeply the principles of freedom can ever vote liberal.

      The enemy of Liberty is consolidated, concentrated government power. The founders knew this and created a system that distributes power and then pits the different power centers against one another.

      Liberals think the opposite. Government power is for doing “good;” creating the “new man” or the “good society,” or executing the “general will” which is a utopian vision of those other things that, in the liberal vision, every right thinking person agrees with.

      This has been the basis of every ruthlessly oppressive and murderous regime that has ever existed, from Russian, Chinese, and North Korean communism to Italian fascism to German nazism.

      The only thing that has prevented that sort of thing from happening here is the constitution and distributed power.

      A vote for any liberal is a vote for more centralized power. She’d be Obama 2.0.

      A vote for any Trump slow, and maybe even temporarily stop, the consolidation of power.

      Just wait. There are months between now and the election.

      As I said, It’s hard to imagine any true Republicans who understand the principles of Liberty ever voting for any


      Posted by The Independent Whig | May 6, 2016, 9:36 am

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