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Coddled Students’ Thinking Mirrors that of “The Terror”

The French Revolution was “one of the few places on earth where the rationalists got control of an entire country and were able to do with it what they wanted.” …  “A lot of people didn’t want to go along with the revolution, and of course they’re wrong because we know we’re right we have reason on our side.  They called themselves the party of reason, also the party of humanity. The French Revolutionaries ended up murdering hundreds of thousands of people.”  – Jonathan Haidt, Video: When Compassion Leads to Sacrilege (Transcript)

The same patterns of thought are being repeated today at universities across America; only the tools and methods have changed.   The aim now, as it was then, is to ensure that everyone thinks the right thoughts, and to prevent those who don’t from participating in “polite” society.  The tool of choice is no longer the guillotine.  Now it’s  screaming, making lists of demands, forced resignations, trigger warnings, anti-microaggression enforcement, anti-cultural appropriation police, etc., etc.  Even the idea of repealing the First Amendment, thus giving free reign for even more of this sort of authoritarian thought control, gains wide support among the coddled.

The party of “humanity,” (sic) were it to be implemented today, would impose an Orwellian “safe space” in which nobody has to suffer the discomfort of having their ideas challenged.  

The liberal TMC of teachers and administrators unintentionally allowed this to happen. They didn’t see it coming. Many of them still don’t see it for what it is. They’re children of the sixties and fellow travelers. They thought they were doing the right thing, some still do. The kids, swimming in that liberal water, took it to levels far beyond that which the TMC could have imagined.

18th Century Shaming


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