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Liberal and Conservative – Different Cognitive Processes

There are two basic types of thought and knowledge. Different authors name and describe them differently, but broadly speaking they’re talking about the same thing. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

The first style in each of the following pairs correlates more with the political left, and both styles correlate with the political right.  In short, the Venn diagram of styles of thought is similar to the Venn diagram of moral foundations

The Independent Whig: Reason and Experience

Karen Armstrong: Logos and Mythos

Jonathan Haidt: Analytic (i.e., WEIRD) and Holistic

Jonathan Haidt: Flatland and Spaceland

Thomas Sowell: Unconstrained and Constrained

Michael Oakeshott: Technical and Practical


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I Support Viewpoint Diversity


A politically diverse group of social scientists, natural scientists, humanists, and other scholars who want to improve our academic disciplines and universities. We share a concern about a growing problem: the loss or lack of “viewpoint diversity.” When nearly everyone in a field shares the same political orientation, certain ideas become orthodoxy, dissent is discouraged, and errors can go unchallenged.

An Interpretation of Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory

This sidebar lists a series of posts which together make up an essay relating Moral Foundations Theory to today's politics, and even a little history, as viewed through The Independent Whig's six-foundation moral lens.


Venn Diagram of Liberal and Conservative Traits and Moral Foundations and

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