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Conservatism and Liberalism in a Nutshell

When there’s food on the table there are many problems. When there’s no food on the table there is only one problem.

The seven-foundation (including ownership) conservative morality gained freedom from an oppressive regime, and it created a new form of government designed to prevent such oppression from ever happening again. The new nation, thus created, grew to become the strongest, and offer its citizens the highest standard of living, the world had ever seen.

From this perspective of relative luxury, the three-foundation liberal morality then began to see “problems”, and over the course of generations endeavored to repair them, and in the name of “progress” it dismantled, bit by bit, the very system that afforded the luxury, and replaced that system with a new form of oppression.

The seven-foundation morality put food on the table, the three-foundation morality sees only the “problems” that result, and in the name of “progress” and “reason” it spoils not only the food, but also the system that provided it.


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