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The Two Greatest Inventions In The History of Mankind

The two greatest inventions in the history of mankind are the scientific method and the rule of law.

Both are designed to leverage for our mutual benefit the “flaw” of reason that allows us to see the speck in each other’s eyes while remaining blind to the log in our own.

Both lift all boats by raising the tide of human understanding.

The first yields technologies that improve the quality and longevity of life.

The second yields social standards that improve “liberty and justice for all.”

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Quotes I Like:

If you're on the side of the little guy, you should be a conservative. Every leftist scheme — every subsidy, every tariff, every alternative energy boondoggle, every industrial regulation — ends up privileging some vested interest at the expense of ordinary people.

Capitalism is the only economic model which allows you to prosper by serving the mass market. Under every rival system, you prosper by sucking up to the right people: commissars or kings or ayatollahs. As the economist Joseph Schumpeter observed, the achievement of capitalism was not to provide more silk stockings for princesses, but to bring them within the reach of factory girls.

From If You're For The Little Guy, You Should Be A Conservative by Dan Hannan

Venn Diagram of Liberal and Conservative Moral Foundations

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Venn Diagram of Liberal and Conservative Moral Foundations


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